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Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism and The Mystery of the Maya

All Existing Be-ings on this planet the mothers, the fathers, the children, our grandmothers and grandfathers, the politicians, the black magicians even the aliens in skin suits, EVERYONE is currently experiencing their own inner resurrection within evolution of our Planetary Collective.

When we look to  the Mayan Calendar,  on 22nd December 2012 we entered a brand new 26,000 year cycle and also the road towards the 6th Sun.

"The energy of the Sixth Sun entered in 1991 when the Fifth sun was still dominant, and the Sixth sun energy gathered strength in 2003. On the Mayan Calendar end date of Winter Solstice on 21 December 2012, the two energies equalized and from that time forward the Fifth Sun energy will fade and the Sixth Sun energies will increase, so that by 2021 the Sixth Sun energies will be the major influence"  Robert J. Gilbert.

As the old paradigm crumbles we must continue to open our awareness to the opportunity being given to humanity at this point, to reconstruct and reconnect with our Natural Time and Natural Time Cycles,  the new cycle of the 2nd Creation.
This New Cycle is currently in its 7th year at 2019.  By 22nd December 2019 it will be exactly  7 years since this new creation shift began.  Some of us are aware of this shift occurring and are looking for ways to assist & support our Intuitive Soul AcCELLeration as we begin the 7th year of this Dimensional Expansion Journey,  In our heart consciousness, our spirit,  senses something of a paradox is going on ? That the current world systems are misaligned with human needs, prioritising economy and destruction of our planet and war over Nature, Space & Peace?

On the 19th of December 2012 ( kin 205 DS.  2 Etznab LC)  after over a decade of studying the Tomb of Pakal,  I arrived for the first time, to the 5th Century Mayan Temple,  Palenque, Mexico and something very mysterious occurred.   I became separated from my group and found myself alone in the forest,  as i looked up to the canopy of trees above me,  a beautiful glint of blue flickered in the corner of my eye it was a humming bird and then this beam appeared to me in the forest.

I intuitively knew at the time that it would take my personal biology and spirit a long time to receive and assimilate this light code gifted to me from the ancient jungle of Mexico.  Now 7 years later its time to break my silence and attempt to articulate from my perceptions.

Humanity is  currently operating in multiple timelines or parallel realities.  We can find reference to parallel realities and time travel  in the ancient Sanskrit texts of the 7 Lokas.  Madame Blavatsky makes reference to time travel  in her book   "The Veils of Isis".... The Great 5th Century King Pakal of Mexico visiting King Solomon in Egypt and returning to Mexico in just 5days !  The Toltecs and Australian Aboriginee are also known to travel in dreaming, creating the world as they dreamed.  Time travel and parallel realities are nothing new to our ancient world, if we choose to look beyond the history of the Colonial, Spanish and Roman Invasions.  

Our new positive restoration cycle - The Restoration of the Garden which commenced 22nd December 2012, kin 208 DS, 5 Imix LC,  has been running parallel to a Negative Time Line.  The Negative Time line has hijacked our hearts via the introduction of a Negative Alien Agenda using technology including social media and apps as the perfect disguise,  an asset to our evolution ?  In reality it is a very old nefarious agenda being rolled out  to further enslave humanity.   So when people state that nothing happened Dec 21st 2012 or when they ask me what happened in 2012?  I can only express from my own personal experience,  as a spirit in human form, what i can say is, alot has happened, but most of these time shifts/locks occurred in the subtle, unseen realms. 

At least 2 timelines have been running simultaneously since Dec 22nd 2012. One Positive - The Restoration of the Garden of  cycle, and 1 Negative - The Negative Alien Agenda which aims to terra form Earth and depopulate the planet. replacing humans with AI bots,   "AI skin suits" currently being designed and created have programs that connect in,  directly to our social  media,  this is how the AI learns human behavior,  downloading from the  "cloud"   mimmicing humanity to form an artificial holographic world separate from natural order and natural time.

As of 21st Dec the 'TNAA'  knew that  humanity was about to expand and grow to awaken to our ancient remembering of who we actually are,  which is more than a 9-5 slave in the Matrix...With the Birthing of the 6th Sun our psycho active nature is set to fully re-awaken,  our dreaming power and consciousness is set to expand beyond the physical as our DNA strand becomes re=activated via the photonic light  of the Sun and the changing hertz frequencies of the Earth's core.  According to the ancient inscriptions of the Maya and the Sanskrit Lokas it is our birthright to re- awaken to our planetary existence beyond the physical .  The 'TNAA' laid a tricky time lock trap, 21-12-2010, a tear or possibly a wormhole in the fabric of Creation.  

When we access the Codes that the 5th Century Maya left for us,  we have an opportunity to access one of THE MOST sophisticated biological apps available.  When we access these codes daily,  our the lens of perception is expanded by re-activating our DNA in alignment with natural order and natural time,  thanks to our Time Traveling Kings and Queens of the 5th Century.

Humanity's Collective Heart Cognitivness has been hijacked via the Internet and Social Media in particular, which in the past 7 years has taken us further down the rabbit hole.  At first it seemed incredible we could send or call anyone, anywhere on the planet. Facebook in its beginnings was an incredible way for everyone to open and express and share their life and then came the 'TNAA'. Facial recognition, Iris identification, and of course the saddest one of all,  our open heartedness captured by algorithms !

What a sad world we have enabled, where  our open hearted expression is captured by an algorithm, to be recreated as  mimicry and imitation. The AI do not have creative abilities as humans do. 

What we must become conscious that the 'TNAA' does not experience emotions and feelings the way we humans do. They do not experience empathy, love or compassion.  The AI are not biological and in a sense we enable this program that belongs to the technosphere.  The Technological Evolution is just one potential  time vector point, there are an infintae number of time vector points in the Shift.  By becoming conscious of parallel realities we expand our consciousness beyond the 3DMatrix. The Artificial "Intelligence"  or AI pathogen is nothing without the fuel, the loosh, of our lower emotions, our trauma and  creative spirit.  And they are actually forbidden to incarnate here or have a soul consciousness as we do, according to Gnostic Teachings.   But in their desperation they  want to soul harvest our emotions  and mimic our creativity and spiritual beingness as they attempt to  incarnate here upon the earth,  but it is forbidden.  The 'TNAA'  is A far cry from natural order and living in harmony with the Earth and her ecosystem.

Spirit is the Doorway to our Soul and our Soul is Ancient Timelessness Remembering.

Instead of suppressing our emotions and feelings we must become aware that WE are the Ones that hold this divine gift of emotional intelligence and that we are on the precipice of remembering our mastery of why we came here to Planet Earth at this time.

With the Shift in timelines,  we have currently entered into the unraveling of our consciousness, of knowing the difference between Emotions and feeling.  Feelings are sensory, telepathic and communicate via our subtle body, heart cognitivism.   Emotions such as , grief, anger, reactions, deception, defensiveness and manipulation are trigger points that show us directly where our wound is. Our mind, ego and wounded inner child have been programed with  these loops, tapes and programs that run our reality and some of us have been trapped in these loops for lifetimes, via exisiting Soul Contracts made without our consent. 

Explaining the mechanics of emotions is a complex transmission, as we are all having our own experience.   When we consider that at this time in 2019 our Be-ings are experiencing multiple timelines simultaneously.   Simultaneous timelines or parallel realities have not been accessible to humanity's  consciousness for assimilation  since the time of the Ancient world, pre Colonial, Roman and Spanish Invasions.  

The Gate of Time was opened 22nd December 2012.  Since this time,  we as a humanity have found ourselves on a roller-coaster ride of emotional transformation and at times it feels like the floor of life has been removed from under our feet ! This is all part of the re-construction and  re-capitulation of Soul Consciousness.  The existing "controlling matrix program - the TNAA " is being intercepted by the power of positive timelines, that were always in existence, via the dreaming and spiritual initiation,  but were not available to humanity until the Quarantine of Restoration was removed 21st December 2012.

Since this time we have been shifting and transforming individually and collectively at an accelerated rate.  Our emotions funnel us through the toridal wave of light and shadow. Collectively we have enabled and created many distractions.
One example of this is our fast growing attachment to our Plasma devices. The plane of mind.

If we remain dominated by a need for technology our Heart cognitiivsm will be obstructed in receiving our  photonic  birthright and our opportunity to access our Super Power of  FEELing via the subtle realm. 

Feelings are sensory, emotions on the other hand, are reactions created by our wounds and trauma. When we re-awaken to our remembrance of Soul that we are more than just a "human doing" we are more than just this body, or a slave mind programmed by time,  we unlock the hidden knowing of how ancient our Soul  is.   When we open to Spirit, our heart body becomes more than mind, ego and emotions. Spirit is the doorway to our soul and our Soul is Ancient Timelessness remembering.  

Feelings are sensory, telepathic, psychic, loving, joyful, connected to the heart of being in the Recreation. Humanity as a unified collective has lost connection to Feeling heart cognitivness. Technology with its power to subliminally project into our minds and hearts the dark projections of injustice, black magic, have laid the perfect trap for our Collective Emotional Trauma, In a way we think we are participating in life but really we are participating in the Illusion of life.   Doing this and doing that, texting here, a password there, our "human doing" currently holds us in the plane of mind in the many loops and programs we call life.    Our Collective Mental Field is currently held in the mouse trap pulling us in this direction and that direction.    Time,  the clock holds our minds in the illusion of a linear time cycle but what of our hearts?   When we stop the doing and "Be", we enter into a timeless space for healing to occur. 

Earth, Air, Fire, Water are Humanities Birthright and Divine Gift from Creation

Creating space to listen to our heart in stillness, being in Nature, listening to the wind, watching the trees, swimming in the fresh clean water is one of the best remedies to bring the heart and mind into balance. Connecting with the Elements The Water, the Air, the Earth, the Fire, these elements, allies of our birthright have been distorted into a plasma app experience and we must remain vigilant when we think about consulting our plasma device about the weather. We must remain conscious that we do not become disconnected from nature and feeling from our hearts.

The current dissonance existing upon our Planet, Time is money, sexual dysfunction, corruption at high level leadership and war,  has catalysed our awakening as we  try to find our way out,  as we become more and more conscious of the Uncomfortable truth and the perfect set up to steer humanity off course to the Recreation of Heart Cognitiveness.   

We only have to view history to see that something has been holding spirit and psychoactive soul consciousness captured upon this planet.

Every place on this planet where spiritually creative soul collectives existed , something or someone has always invaded, not only destroying but taking, stealing from these indigenous cultures, killing them, raping them, and taking their sacred artifacts with them back to their homelands and inverting the power of the sacred artifacts, mimicing and distorting the original sacred magic And then recreating a society out of these distortions.  Power OVER the people. The distortion of power created the slavery program.
Proud and vibrant cultures all over the planet have been destroyed and enslaved all for power. African Slaves, the Inquisition, Colonial Invasion these are all crimes against humanity and were created by the powers that are still in control today.  

The only way to access our power is to go within.
However what most of humanity does not realise,  is that the Negative timeline TNAA, is now not the only dominate timeline as of 22nd of December 2012. We have been programmed to view time as a line but now many timelines can exist simultaneously. So when we find our way IN to self and connect with our emotions and become conscious of our trigger points we can heal them. This is by no means an easy journey, it takes great courage.   Most often this journey is done in solitude as our humanity has lost our tribes of elders and wise ones to guide us through this process.  If we are lucky will will find the healer or Soul Tribe to assist us, witness our trauma to go within. And so there has never been a more synchronous time for us to reach out and connect with our Soul Family and Recreate the New Heart Road Maps to Recreation. Inlakech, for all our relations.

Codes of Galactic Maya

5th Century Prophecy of Lady Tz'akbu Ajaw and King Pakal

The Codes of the Galactic Maya (5th Century) hold keys and stabilization for our Creative Spirit & Multi-Dimensional Self as we wade to New Planetary Waters beyond the known construct of 3D time ie; the Gregorian Calendar.

We are indeed in a time of The Great Shift here upon our Planet. In this time, there is much propaganda flooding in and streaming to our minds and hearts via the Internet. Misinformation and new age memes are projected from our plasma devices daily,  New Age "marketing" has become  a new Global Economy and it is hard to know what is truth and at times difficult to digest, especially for sensitives.

Time as we know it is appears to be accelerating at a rapid pace. The Human Being is now catapulted into the Cyber Sphere and pushed further away from Natural Order and Natural Time. The In-harmonic irregular solar calendar that we currently operate under is holding humanity in the frequency of the machine and our DNA in an In-harmonic wave. We only have to look at the irregular 30, 31, 28, 29 days of the Gregorian Month to view how the current calendar is an instrument to hold us a global matrix. The words "calends" in latin means "to keep books" This is why the Planetary Earth Wizards call this 12:60 time. Time is Money.

The Mayan comprehension of time, seasons and cycles has proven itself to be vast and sophisticated. The Maya (pre-Spanish invasion of the Maya Lands in 1519), understood up to 19 different calendars or counts, some of them charting time accurately over more than ten million years, these included, cycles of Venus, Mars and Mercury. They made detailed and accurate calculations, including measurements of objects far beyond our solar system and consistently recorded evidence in stone and clay to show that their archetypal mythology was firmly based upon momentous occurrences in the cosmos.

Red Cosmic Moon Year

Red Moon Memory Purifies Weaves the Wounds Well.

This Galactic Mayan New Year July 26th 2019, is at pivotal point , as we complete a 13 year cycle of The Red Cosmic Moon and commence a brand NEW Galactic Year ~ White Magnetic Wizard.
Currently, in the Mayan Dreamspell/Tun Uc Count we are traveling through the last days of the Spectral Moon.

Artwork by Lucy Campbell
Artwork by Lucy Campbell

Spectral Moon = 11 = Emotional Release and Liberation.

Commenced on 2nd of May 2019 and will complete on 29th May 2019.

The Spectral or 11th Moon can be very emotional, as our Subconscious mind can be triggered via events in our outer world, 3D Matrix,  as our "inner world wounds"  similtaneously come to the surface in order to be healed and purified. . 

Red Moon Memory Weaves and Purifies the Wounds Well.

Intuitive Soul-Acelleration, Healing Planetary Trauma

Connecting with Universal Waters.

We entered The Red Cosmic Moon Year July 26th 2018 and this cycle completes its Spin around the Sun on July 24th 2019.

Cosmic years (Cosmic =13)  represent the last year in a grand 13 year Wavespell/cycle.  By feeling into these  codes -

Spectral Moon - Emotional release and Liberation paired with the Mayan year frequency

Cosmic Red Moon, Enduring in order to Transcend Purification and Flow,

We can be feeling the intensity of these frequencies right now. Like a symphony about to reach its peak of intense cathartic overture - The Spectral Moon in a Cosmic Red Moon Year,  can have us wondering when will this intensity subside ?

In this cycle of Natural Time, people around you, may be experiencing emotions at a deep level. Emotions that our society views as taboo, such as anger, grief, depression, these emotions, need to find their way out of the subconscious mind and some people may lash out or act impulsively towards others.
If you are a relatively peaceful being you may experience and witness the  emotional response from others who are hurting at a deep level.

Collective Trauma on the Planet is currently at maximum and many humans feel trapped in the mouse wheel of day to day living - The Matrix - Survival, Time is Money, War, separation, homelessness,  there is not enough time, it is difficult for individuals to carve out "inner Time" required in order to heal the emotional wounds stored in the memory/subconscious.

Our Human Nervous System is a brilliant hard drive storing memories, emotions, conditioned programming from childhood patterns and past life patterns.

Spectral Moon = 11 = Emotional Release and Liberation.

The Cosmic Frequency of the Red Moon, available to all beings on this planet - pushes our Subconscious wounds to the surface in order to heal them. Like a baby being birthed we are currently experiencing the Labour of our Soul - Birthing our Higher Self into this 3D body. The Red Moon connects us to Universal Waters and our bodies are made up of 60% water.  The Red Moon or Muluc in Mayan connects to Chak Chel Old Moon Goddess ~ Midwife of Creation.

Our Minds, have become so emeshed with the world of computers and plasma devices that we have forgotten that our Human Body is the greatest Bio-computer available to us. The Red Moon Frequency wants to guide us to remembering who we truely are, to heal and purify our minds, hearts and Soul. Like a full hardrive that is at maximum space we are encouraged by The Red Moon Purification Frequency to defrag our hardrive and delete, heal and transmute our Human hard-drive,  in order to prepare for higher frequency downloads to enter in. This is all a part of the grand story our Soul has created in order to transcend the illusion created by the matrix and prepare for a brand new 13 year cycle - White Magnetic Wizard, commencing 26th July 2019.
The completion of a 13 year cycle is not an easy year, as the Cosmic Tone awakens our Ancestral Memory and purifies our 3D programming/conditioning and  our emotional triggers,  so we may come into a state of presence to anchor in our Remembering that we are the gardeners of the New Planetary Consciousness, restoring the garden , the return to peace,  receptivity and timelessness is a daily meditation of Consciousness.


Maya Seven Sun

Galactic Switchboard @ BlueStar Temple

Yellow Self-Existing Human

Day 24 Spectral Serpent Moon of Liberation

Gamma - Third Eye

Red Cosmic Moon Year

Join us, you are so warmly invited

Galactic Switchboard @ BlueStar Temple Maya Seven Sun Artist All rights reserved
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