Kin 69 Red Self Existing Moon Year

July 26th 2022 - July 24th 2023 

 Red Self-Existing Moon


I Define in Order to Purify

Measuring Flow

I Seal the Process of Universal Waters

With the Self-Existing Tone of Form
I am Guided by the Power of Lifeforce.
I am a Galactic Activation Portal 
Enter Me 

Celestial Greetings, for the Galactic New Year !            July 26th 2022.

Red Self- Existing Moon.

This Galactic Yearly Cycle will continue for the next 13 moons  

completing, July 24th 2023

Harmonic Galactic Synchronometer Year

 = 13 x 28 = 364, Plus 1 = 365,  

next Day Out Of Time July 25th 2023.


13 Moons and 20 Solar Seals.    

Navigating Natural Rhythm, Exploring Space and Frequency  in Harmonic Order,

Mysteries of Muluc

Red Moon/Muluc Purifies, Flow, 
Universal Waters 
Planetary Waters, Celestial Waters,  Photon Belt Plasmic Streams and Inner Earth Waters 

Self-Existing Tone = 4 = Defining, Measuring, Form - Physical Plane. 

Activation and Recapitulation Cycle.  Transmuting change from within, activation of Inner Intelligence and anchoring Intuitive knowing into Physical form/reality.

Harmonic 18 - Resonant process formulates Free Will of Attunement

Song of The Galactic Octave

Bi-Phasic Codon - 58 

Joy/Ocean over Joy/Ocean

Radiance of Joy/Ocean informed by Breath of Joy/Ocean

Breath over Joy/Ocean

The Fire of Wisdom whispers the Ancient song

Listen to the Space within Galactic Mind

Follow the Stream of Light through the Ocean of Time.

(Cosmic History Chronicles VII - Book of The Cube) 

Currently @ July 26th 2022 we are surfing 13 day Wavespell, of The White Worldbridger, 

kin 66 - 78. (see Tzolkin above) 

Self-Existing Moon is the 4th Tone of the White Worldbridger Wavespell. 

The White World Bridger is Connected to Mars - Galactic Karmic,  Telektonon, 4th Dysfunctional Karmic Circuit - Death Fear. 

Surviving the Apocalypse utilising the Codes of the Galactic Mayan Count, Tun Uc, Dreamspell.

White World Bridger

Equilizes, Death, Opportunity, Sub-Conscious.  Wordbridger Frequency can Activate the Subconscious Mind and bring subconscious blocks to our Conscious Attention.  

Raising awareness has changed gears now,  we have completed the Electric Seed Year.   Some serious defragging of our Soul Hard drive may be required in order to make Space for New Cellular Expansion, via Solar Activation Cycle.  Our human biology requires less density in order to transduce the high photonic light streams currently radiating from the Alchemy of our Sun and Earth moving through the photon belt.  Cellular or past life memories,  at a soul level may surface.  Many of our ancestors died or were seriously traumatised by war.  Many of us have lived many lifetimes where our Incarnation resulted in having our spirit disconnected from our bodies for speaking our truth. This inner terrain of karmic dissonance can sometimes feel crunchy, but the liberation comes at the realisation that we are more than just a physical human. We are a spiritual soul in human form.   The Worldbridger frequency opens the doors to our minds, hearts and soul, to reclaim lost power and bridge worlds.  

Mars in traditional Astrology is related to the God of War.

If we explore the History of War, the Art of War,  is always about Projecting Fear, Power and Money, money, money, whilst the Elite covertly shift the economy, so the rich get richer and the poor become destitute. Cognitive Dissonance is created by the Art of War Tactic of Divide and Conquer.

Cognitive dissonance cycles only exist in deception. War creates division. Where there is deception  there is confusion,  Infiltration, divide and conquer, envy, control, and energy harvesting. 

Fear is a projection and part of the Art of War.

If the Deep dark State and media can keep us in fear, we remain in the lower vibration.

Fear is not our natural state,  but has been programmed into our DNA through our ancestral line and  projections/agendas created through 

non-benevolent forces trying to control humanities FREE SOVEREIGN WILL here @ Planet Earth. 

Instinctual Awareness, Fearless Intelligence to question, with a strong Earth Connection, negates fear. 

Yellow Warrior -  is the Antipode/challenge of the White World Bridger Wavespell 

(Planetary Pairs Telektonon - Earth Spirit Speaking Tube). 

Yellow Warrior Fearless Intelligence Frequency, Harmonises the 4th Karmic Dissonance Circuit,  Of War and Death via Fearless, Intelligence and knowing your Free Will to Question.  

Surviving the Apocalypse utilizing the Codes of the Galactic Mayan Count, Tun Uc, Dreamspell.

Telektonon, Earth Spirit Speaking Tube. 28 days = 4 x 7.    13 x 28 = 364.  Navigating the Apocalypse, Recapitulation of Hidden History, Warriors Cube and the Heaven Walk.  Awareness of Karmic Dissonance Cycles. 

Yellow Planetary Human - Hidden Unexpected Occult Power      Red Self-Existing Moon Year

As we unfold the Galactic Oracle for the Red Self-Existing Moon year, we can view that the Yellow Planetary Human is the Hidden/Unexpected Occult Power of the Galactic Year.  July 26th 2022 - July 24th 2023.

Yellow Human - Free Will, Wisdom, Influence

The Sage

Free = Freedom

Will = Power

Mercury GK - Galactic Karmic

Planetary Tone = 10 = Produce, Perfect, Manifest. 

I Perfect in Order to Influence

Producing Wisdom

I Seal the Process of Free Will

With the Planetary Tone of Manifestation !!!!!!

I Am guided by the power of Intelligence.

Yellow Planetary Human,

guided by 

Ripening of Enlightenment,

The Sun,

Kinich Ahau,

Great Central Sun.

Self-Existing Red Moon ~ Purifying Karmas in the Memory Flow of Universal Waters.

Where is the freedom in your heart, if your mind has created a prison of permissions ? 

Unlock your Mind and open your Heart to your Fearless Intelligent Free Will Sage.  

Wake to the opportunity out of time, in the timeless silence,  to discover your dormant spiritual  Gifts  and Soul Memory.  Reclaim your Birthright of Free Will Wisdom and Influence. 

Open the Door of the Red Moon Frequency - Flow into your remembering Enter the Green Central Castle - Court of Synchronisation - Round Table Kin 209 -260

@ July 26th 2022 it will 140 days until we have the opportunity to  Open the Door of the Red Moon - Muluc

Entering Green Central Castle, The Return, Recreation of the Garden in Celebration of Her Majesty Gaia Sophia - Planet Earth.

With Every Spin of 260 days nested with in the 365 day cycle we are gifted with the Wisdom of the Tzolkin Measuring Frequency and defining space time, in parallel to Gregorian time.

Prepare your Body Mind and Spirit to Enter the Green Central Castle of Enchantment. A New Realm of Consciousness is upon us, each Soul must make their own Free Will Choice

As you Breathe

Know your Soul is truly awakening to remembrance, right here, right now.

With every dimension available to the 13th Floor of Divine Source Creator Design.

Free Will = Free Will Zone - Velatropa 24.3 Planet Earth Terra Gaia Sophia.

Message on behalf Galactic Sirius B52 GMX- 108 transmission.

With every Spin of 260 inside 365, the Sage knows the efficiency of energy.

Energy is the new currency.....

13:20 13 Moons and 20 Solar Seals.

Navigating Natural Rhythm, Exploring Space in Natural Order,

Surviving the Apocalypse utilising the Codes of the Galactic Mayan Count, Tun Uc, Dreamspell.

Agent 20 - Maya Seven Sun Reporting from NSW Australia, Blue Night Bio Region.

Bluestar Blog Post Flood Catastrophe, NSW, Australia Feb 2022 (Galactic Hawk Moon of Integrity) NSW Flood Peak, Feb 28th 2022, Red Crystal Dragon. 

Coming up Next, Stay tuned for Part 2.....Birthing the 5D and the Photon Belt of Alcyone.

Galactic Switchboard @ BlueStar Temple Maya Seven Sun Artist All rights reserved
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