Maya Seven Sun

Is A Holistic Healer, Writer, Astrologer, Psychic Intuitive Telepath, New Time Artist & Code Keeper of the Tun UC ~ Dreamspell ~ Galactic Maya (5th Century ~ Mexico).
Passionate about "Natural Time" and Reconnecting the "Body Systems" of Mind, Heart, Spirit in alignment with Earths "Natural Cycles vía the 13 Moon Calendar". Maya has dedicated the past 20 years to teaching, researching and further exploring the Mayan Culture, in particular the 5th Century Mayan Tomb of Pakal Votan @ Palenque, Mexico.
Maya participated in the worlds 1st Co-ordinated Global Telepathic Meditation ~ The Rainbow Bridge Rinri Project. This highly evolved Global Telepathic Experiment Initiated by Jose & Lloydine Arguelles in 1997 included data and codes, meditating geometries around our 3D bodies, alligning our personal Electromagnetic fields with the Electromagnetic field of the Planet and went for a total of 16 years, completed in July 2013.
Maya is a dedicated spiritual practitioner/teacher on the Mysteries of the Galactic Maya, whose life experiences have furthered her research and unravellings on Telepathy, Timetravel, Electromagnetics, Inner Earth and the Mystery of Maldek. Maya Seven Sun's research has been presented in various countries including Australia, Mexico and Japan.

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Planetary Shift is Here 

 Surf's Up!

Earth Wizards Lounge 

If you would like to book Maya to present to your community please reach out and connect  

Codes of The Galactic Maya
2 Day Workshop ~ Available Now 

Living in Natural Time - Living in Community

You are warmly invited to dive deeper with me into

Understanding  your own Radio Sonic Architecture and Codes of the Maya.

Please reach out and connect if you wish to learn more. 

Maya Currently teaches in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane - Australia. 

The current Planetary chaos is actually an opportunity to Wake UP and Remember who you are and why your are here at this time.

Great minds of scientific brilliance, Jose Arguelles, Deepak Chopra, Dan Winter, Dr Fred Bell, have all shown scientifically and philosophically, how the human cellular structure and Nervous System is constricted and compressed by The clock, the technoshpere and the influence of "square concrete structures." Human DNA is subliminally assaulted daily, often compressed further via, Living in survival mode,,"Time Is Money", G8 Babylon Time.

In this workshop we will explore the tools for 13:20.  13 tones of Creation and 20 Solar Seals ~ Holonomic Frequency Science left to us by the 5th Century Maya, Mexico Chiapas and revealed by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles in 1987 (Dreamspell) these are the keys to unlock and open your Divine Soul Remembering.

Your Galactic Signature at birth holds the key to your Essence Self, the part of your that is incorruptible your Galactic Consciousness. To find your Galactic Signature please go here

This Elegant "Bio-App"  of Natural Time Codes, practiced daily, enhances Bio-feedback from the earth via photonic geometry, mathematical fractals, geometry in motion and can assist us with keeping our Perception Lens wide open as the Cyber realm, narrows humanities view through Artificial Intelligence.

By observing Natures' Frequency and utilising the Codes of the Maya, Dreamspell, Telektonon,  we can begin to unlock, clear, heal and transform all dissonant programs, mind control, genetic patterning, soul contracts made without your consent, etc., and step further onto the path to Sovereignty and Unity Consciousness.

There has never been a better time to share this incredibly Valuable Holonomic Frequency Science. Your Spiritual Biocomputer will super seed your current consciousness beyond any existing man/alien-made computer, and will release your Soul Consciousness currently held hostage by Time, 12:60.

The Human Nervous System is an elaborate recording device....recording all events in your incarnations, conscious and unconscious - sadly whilst recovering from trauma or abuse you may still attract more abusive conditions due to the recorded trauma within your nervous system. This is the current dilemma on Planet Earth as the Collective Trauma Field reaches maximum capacity.    Millions of humans on this planet experience daily traumatic events and our systems are crumbling with relation to Governments lacking in Authentic Humanitarian Services to assist with effective rehabilitation. 

We are indeed at a crossroads but no-one has travelled this road before here @ Planet Earth and although everything looks apocalyptic in the outer world. One door is closing and another is opening.

I have utilized these codices on my own personal healing journey for the past 17 years they allow me to travel forward and backwards in time via the Sacred Tzolkin and recapitulate and heal trauma on my timeline. It will be my honour to share this technique with you @ Earth Wizards Lounge. 

When Humanity is steered away from nature, from Natural Order all chaos shall prevail. The Technosphere and cyber realm disconnect humanity from, natural time and natural feedback....

Treat your nervous system and your beautiful soul who is looking for tools to assist with spiritual awakening, and your brilliant mind which is just waiting to unleash its forgotten intelligence held hostage by time.

Transform your Life - Own Your Natural Time and Empower your Creative Flow with the Codes of the Maya.

20 Solar Seals

13 Tones



Electromagnetics and Torus Energy Fields


Firing the Toroidal Field at the Heart

I Ching and the DNA Code

Holographic Universe

Planetary Peace Plan

Telektonon - Earth Spirit Speaking Tube

Mystery of the Maya 5th Century Mexico Palenque

7 Primordial Tribes of Mesoamerica

The Liquid Crystals and the 28 Day Count.

Time to get your Galactic Geek ON !

Beginners Welcome, past students welcome.

This will be a small Workshop for quality transmission/sharing/teaching/repatterning with no more then 10 students. So make contact to secure your place. 

If you are unable to make both days, you are welcome to attend day 1 of this workshop.  

So excited to present this work and I honour all of the teachers who brought me here, in particular gratitude for the tireless, revealing and revolutionary work of Jose and Lloydine Arguelles and Dr Fred Bell, all of whom have passed over to the other side - the work continues.

Ps After 17 years, I have not dropped the ball !!! .

Inlakech Maya Seven Sun is @ BlueStar Temple.

Workshop Location: The Beautiful Herb Cottage in Upper Ferntree Valley - Details of address will be given when you pay for workshop

Time: 10:00-5:30pm each day, day two usually goes until 6!

Bookings and cost please email -

Galactic Switchboard @ BlueStar Temple Maya Seven Sun Artist All rights reserved
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