White Worldbridger Wavespell 

 Enter White Northern Castle of Crossing 
Court of Death

Power of Descending/Crossing

White Magnetic Worldbridger - Kin 66

Day 12 - Galactic Hawk Moon of Integrity
Radial Plasma - Limi - Solar Plexus

I unify in order to equalize,
Attracting opportunity.
I seal the store of death
With the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled. 

White Magnetic Worldbridger Wavespell 

kin 66 - 78 (Tzolkin) 

Worldbridger - Equalises, Death, Opportunity

 WorldBridging between 

Conscious and Sub Conscious Mind.

Day 12 - 24 - Galactic Hawk Moon of Integrity - (Feb 18th-March 2nd 2021.)

Over the next 13days (commencing Kin 66 - 18th Feb 2021), we can access the frequency of the White Worldbridger by reaching deep inside our subconscious via, Dreaming, Deep Meditation and Reclaiming your Creative Visionary Self.

The Subconscious mind connects us to the the Unseen, paranormal psychoactive aspects of our nature.

The Inner Realm is where it is at !  Rewiring the Unconscious parts of our undiscovered or forgotten selves and bringing more of who we are into Consciousness.

Bridging Physical Space, the Spiritual Self and the Telepathic Realm of subtle awareness, requires sensory harmony within our 5 Senses, Seeing, Tasting, Hearing, Smelling and Touch.
Reclaim your 5 senses and activate your sensual telepathic nature beyond your flat plasma screen. It is now significant timing to reclaim what it is to be human in natural flow, in natural order, in harmony with our Majestic Planet, with all living animals and plants who live here upon Gaia's Divine Landscape.
As the Death of the Old ways are closing, A New Doorway Opens ,
a Threshold is approaching towards Planetary Galactic Consciousness.
Find the hidden memories within your Soul memory and discover your ancient Timeless Being.  Heal and Love that part of YOU Unconditionally.

Every death we experience, either a  personal ending or loosing someone we love, can be an accelerated growth spurt. Even though at the time we are experiencing the trauma of death it does not seem like we are growing.

Humanity's opportunity at this time is to remember our Magic. The paradox is, that most magical souls come from a long line of persecution, with haunting memories lodged within our subconscious soul memory and so it is difficult to establish,  reclamation of your True gifts until you purge the persecution programming.

"Death is a messenger and our grief is a Jewel shining in the darkness of our pain."

Is it possible at this time to seize the opportunity available, to dive deeper into our most vulnerable self and discover the hidden treasures inside, veiled by the pain body and our unprocessed emotions ?

Like a wave at High Tide, Death can take us on a Journey, like time travelling into the past, catalysed by a smell, a photograph, a piece of music, a Memory of our beloved now departed, can take us back to a specific moment in time. Death Sifts through all that has come before. We may experience feelings of deep heartbreak, of deep sadness, of deep grief. Loosing someone you love is never easy and there is no time limit to how long you should allow for grieving. Grief is Love with no where to go.

Release the shame of your most vulnerable emotions, sadness and anger.....find the pathway within you to express them without harming another, acknowledge self and your pain body, forgive yourself and like the Wizard, who journeys to the underworld, tie a golden thread to the outer realm. so you may find your way back from the deepest part of your subconscious remembering.  

Blue Cosmic Eagle is the Hidden Occult Aspect of the White World Bridger Wave. The Blue Cosmic Eagle would indicate that in the coming days we maybe tested in Holding our Vision. The Cosmic Tone 13 teaches us about Endurance, to find the Transcendent point , this is a marathon, not a race, pace yourself and call in your future self to assist.  What will your life look like in 5 or 10 years? Put on some music, make a Vision board, get creative, be playful but most of all create with your senses, with your hands, for they are your divine sensory gift of creation.


Blue Cosmic Eagle

I Endure in Order to Create

Transcending Mind

I Seal the Output of Vision

With the Cosmic Tone of Presence

I Am Guided by the Power of Self Generation

Who is in charge of your Creative Being ?
Who is in Charge of your Health and Well-Being ?
Who is in Charge of your Spirit?
Who is in Charge of your Mind ?
The Answer to all of the above is YOU
For You are a Magical Being.
Your Unique Creative Expressions is yours and yours ONLY. 

This is the gift you are to share with the world.

The Art of War - Projection of Death Fear. Part 1. 

White WorldBridger - Red SkyWalker Circuit 4 -  Teketonon Transmutation of the shadow of Mars.

The White World Bridger is Connected to Mars - Galactic Karmic and the 4th Dysfunctional Karmic Circuit - Death Fear. Telektonon - Earth Spirit Speaking Tube. 

Mars in traditional Astrology is related to the God of War. 

Fear is a projection and part of the Art of War. 

If the Elite can keep us in fear, we remain in the lower vibration.

The Art of War is always about Projecting Fear whilst the Elite covertly shift the economy, so the rich get richer and the poor become destitute. Cognitive Dissonance is created by the Art of War Tactic of Divide and Conquer.

Fear is not our natural state but has been programmed into our DNA through our ancestral line and the projections created through non-benevolent forces trying to control humanities FREE SOVEREIGN WILL here @ Planet Earth.

Pakal Votan, was Ruler/Ajaw of his people. Palenque Mexico. 5th Century.

615 - 683,  Pre-Classic Maya Era.

Pakal, prepared for this ex-carnation, buy taking 9 years to build the structure, that later in our history, would become one of the most amazing archeological finds discovered by Alberto Ruz, Palenque, Chiappas, Mexico 1952.

The Pyramid Tomb containing Pakal's Giant Stone Sarcophagus & The Temple Of Inscriptions Built on top of the Tomb.

The Telektonon - Earth Spirit Speaking Tube, represents the Flue Duct Discoverd by Alberto Ruz and his archeological team in 1952, for it was the flue duct that led to the discovery of the Tomb and Sarcophagus of Pakal, beneath the Temple of Inscriptions. Pakal was known to bring writing and mathematics to his people and the Earth Spirit Speaking Tube was his way of communicating to his people beyond his death.  

Pakal Votan's name means Sun Shield. Pakal almost certainly must have had some kind of Technology that allowed him to build such magnificent Tombs and Temples and to be able to travel through time.  On the Temple of Inscriptions a structure built atop of the giant  tomb, Pakal Inscribed his Prophecy.

After visiting Palenque, it is clear to me that the 5th Century Maya of Palenque were a far more advanced civilization that we are today. With Elegantly constructed stone carved aqua ducts, to purify the water that are still in operation today. Many scholars have noted Pakal being able to travel great distances such as the Middle East and returning to Mexico with in a short time. Helen Blavatsky notes how The Great King of Palenque and King Solomon would meet to seek council. Pakal would Journey to Egypt and be back in Mexico in 5 days.  What technology was available for Pakal to travel such distances in such a short time ? How did the people of Palenque construct such elegant and sustainable architecture, that is still standing today?

Could it be true Pakal the Great,  was able to Time Travel into Humanities Future and see the The Planetary Emergency and Chaos of Humanity, as we crashed into our own Unconscious Dysfunctional Karma, inherited by Earth after the lost Space war and the destruction of Maldek some 26.000 years ago ? 

4 Dysfunctional Karmic circuits are are mapped on the Telektonon and  Greed, False Spirituality, Sex Taboo and Death Fear. The Planetary Pairs of Solar Seals for this Circuit are as follows.

Circuit 1. Saturn - Greed 
Blue Night (Galactic Karmic) - Dreams Abundance, Intuition. 
Yellow Warrior (Solar Prophetic) - Questions, Intelligence, Fearlessness.
Circuit 2. Jupiter - False Spirituality 
Yellow Seed (Galactic Karmic) - Targets, Flowering, Awareness.
Blue Eagle (Solar Prophetic) - Vision, Art Mind. 

Circuit 3. Maldek - Sex Taboo
Red Serpent - Survives, Life-Force, Instinct. 
White Wizard - Timelessness, Receptivity, Timelessness. 
Circuit 4. Mars - Death Fear 
White WorldBridger - Equalize, Death, Opportunity.
Red Skywalker - Explores, Space, Wakefullness. 

The Crown, the Corona is the seat of our Higher Self and the centre which receives and transmits the light/plasma of the great central Sun Kinich Ahau.  

This is an absolute Time for Courage . 

Adjust your Corona/Crown, 

for you BELONG here @ Planet Earth. 

Flick the switch of your mind from Fear to Courage.

Open within to release and heal karmic patterns within your DNA related to war and fear.

The opposite of Fear is Fearlessness. 

Give thanks, at this time for all your Ancestors, your Grandmothers and Grandfathers and your Great Great Greats, who came before you and acknowledge deep within your heart, all the atrocities of war they have suffered.

The Crown Chakra ~ Corona ~ Luminous halo from the Sun,

To Be Continued.....Part 2 The Art Of War - White WorldBridger Wavesell. 2021. 

Red Serpent Wavespell 

Enter The Blue Western Castle of Burning

Court of Magic Attaining the power of "turning around"

Red Magnetic Serpent - Kin 105

I Unify in Order to Survive

Attracting Instinct,  I Seal the Store of Life-Force,

with the Magnetic tone of Purpose,

I Am Guided by my own power doubled

Cosmic Turtle Moon - Closing of White Magnetic Wizard Year 2020

Week 3&4 , Day 16 - 28

Red Magnetic Serpent (Chicchan) Kin 105

Survival, Instinct & Life-force

Radial Plasma - Seli, Muladhara/Base Chakra - "My Mother is the Ultimate Sphere, I See the Light".

Wavespell of Red Serpent July 12-24th 2020. As counted on the Sacred Tzolkin. = 260days

Solar Seal - Red Serpent - Maldek

Analogue/Like Mind  - White Wizard - Maldek

Guide - Red Serpent - Maldek

Antipode - Blue Eagle - Jupiter

Hidden/Occult Power - Yellow Warrior - Saturn

Long Count - 8 Ajaw

PSI Crono - Red Rhythmic Skywalker

Time Cell - Store - Remembers.

Harmonic 27 - Self-Existing Store, Remembers Elegance of Form. 

Dreamtime, Realtime Code = 105+60 = 165 = Red Solar Serpent * Bluestar note Tzolkin - It will be Red Solar Serpent kin 165, in 60 days, hmm?  In the Gregorian Calendar,  it will be September 10th on kin 165, just one day before September 11, White Planetary Worldbridger hmmm ? More time jumping with our old friend the Tzolkin. (code keepers, i thought you might find that interesting?)

A wavespell is a cycle of 13.  The holographic fractal nature of 13, allows us to step outside of "time" and surf space/time as frequency, in harmonic relation to the solar photon cycle, our Biosphere and our DNA biorhythms. 13 is also, the ascending spiral in geometry, allowing space/time to evolve and expand, spiraling out and upwards, to ongoing octaves of dimension.  Unlike the 12 points of a clock that go around and around in a flat circle.  Tic toc, tic toc.

Attention GAP Run Approaching

From White Lunar Worldbridger to Blue Spectral Eagle  (July 13 to 22/7/2020) we will be passing through a 10 day wave of high frequency energy. 

What is a GAP run ? What does it mean for me ?

This particular GAP run is a powerful gateway as it precedes the Day Out of Time July 25th and the Galactic Mayan New Year July 26th. (See Tzolkin below)  Alpha GAP run 106-115.

The Sacred Tzolkin (see below) shows how there are 2 columns parallel to each other in the center containing 10 GAPs in a row. First Column is the Alpha Run - Wavespell of the Red Serpent. The second is the Omega Run - Wavespell of the Yellow Seed.

GAP runs can present many opportunities and catalyze events in our physical world to assist us in shedding Karmic Dissonant Time Loops and sometimes it may feel like things have been acellerated. or slowed down, or blocked, the paradox of experience is unique to each of us. This current cycle is an opportunity to delete, heal and transmute all traumatic memories especially related to Sexuality and Survival. This GAP Run is the perfect doorway to wipe your karmic slate clear of all dissonant memories from our past so we can merge into OUR Positive Future Timeline, Yes it is OUR Future Timeline !!  Why are so many of us waiting for someone to create it for us ? This Soul Retrieval is not for the faint hearted and yet as we shed this old skin our DNA has the opportunity to rebraid and upgrade. 

* BlueStar Note Tzolkin -  From kin 105 to kin 156 we have 49 days = 7x7 to set our intentions and find pathways to focus on the manifestation of our intentions, permanent healing and remembrance at a soul level. For those who feel ready, its time for us, to Prepare to Show Up and steer this MotherShip Up.

Embrace Soul Transmutation

Lost Soul Memories & Ancestral/Genetic Healing at  Collective and Individual Level.

Our Universe, Our Planet and our immediate environment, are made up of billions of free energy electrical particles, photons, electrons, solar winds, etc, Perihelion Energy, streaming to us here on Planet Earth in light code packets and plasma waves, from our local Sun, Kinich Ahau. The Human body is a receiver of these waves for DNA activation, especially during a GAP run. GAP runs can be auspicious and a good time for clearing and to set your intentions. It can also be testing if you find your self in a job or a relationship your don't like and you may find yourself questioning, how can I Survive this ?

Of course this is all easier said than done !  and for some, this will be most challenging, as the current Planetary Quarantine and Deep State have been holding our Collective Energy at low hertz frequency and triggering many sub-conscious soul memories and emotional triggers. By surfing the high frequency GAP waves (see Tzolkin)  and synthesising and absorbing the peraheilion light packets via the breath, meditation and spending time in nature, rather than struggling against, them we can sail these "choppy seas" and maintain higher octaves of frequency in our hearts, at a collective and individual level.

Our human nervous system and sensory bodies are currently registering and receiving these cosmic waves as well as & electromagnetic pollution, even if our conscious mind does not perceive this to be so our sensory receptors are still receiving. This can put alot of strain on our Parasympathetic Nervous System, and remember STRESS effects our immunity,  so we must nourish this aspect of our human bodies.  

Cosmic waves and electromagnetic dissonance, fear, panic, trauma are an interesting mix, kind of like water and oil. Many of us are experiencing hyper sensitivity, emotional charges and triggers, increased telepathy and or psychic abilities and/or your emotional body may be filled with mixed uncontrollable emotions, feeling drained, you may feel a huge sense of isolation, grief, anger.

Through our daily interactions with cosmic waves, Earth's electromagnetic Field and Artificial AI waves (wi-fi, blue tooth, Large telecommunication towers, etc), we are learning the difference between Earth's electromagnetic field,  AI oscillation of electromagetics (usually reverse oscillation to human electromagnetic field) and how these waves effect our human nervous system, immunity,  our ability to use our intuitive gifts, as well as our psycho-active abilities, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience etc.


Codes of Galactic Maya assist Humanity to Navigate Planetary 3D to 4D Transition 

5th Century King and Time Traveller - Pakal Votan - Palenque, Mexico, dedicated his Tomb Architecture into "A Living Prophecy".  Buy traveling into our Future, Pakal was able to view our current Planetary Karmic Dissonant Cycle. The Living Prophecy holds keys to unlock our Planetary History beyond Darwin's Theory of "The Big Bang". 

The "Temple of Inscriptions", the architectural platform of stone, built above Pakal's Tomb, reveals The The Four Dysfunctional Circuits currently operating out on Earth.  These Inscriptions have direct correlation with our Solar System and the Destruction of Maldek, (now our Asteriod Belt), Saturn, Jupiter & Mars. These discoveries were revealed to Jose & Lloydine Arguelles in 1987-1997  and later published in The Riddle Of The Stone, 20 Tablets of the Law of Time, Telektonon and 7:7:7:7, Yellow Overtone Seed year,  1997 (Foundation for the Law of Time).

The Inscriptions from Palenque have been translated and interpreted by many including Alberto Ruz, Hanbatz Men,  Linda Schele and David Freidel.

Lost Planet Maldek, & The Asteroid Belt

The planet Maldek is one of those missing links in our consciousness, according to Bode's Law, Maldek was once a planet between Jupiter and Mars. What we know as the Asteroid Belt,  in our Solar System are fragments of a Lost World, a Lost Civilization, The Planet Maldek. This missing planet was equal in size to Saturn.

I Am remembering Ancient Story Untold......

Dancing across the Eons, on the Moon of Maldek are the Shards of your Memory, the Shards of your Forgetting,

Your Ancient Internal Wisdom. Maya Seven Sun

Mystery of Maldek & The Galactic Maya

Mayan Oracle for Red Serpent Mayan Glyph, Chiccan, Planet - Maldek.

Red Serpent Wavespell  "Store Time Cell" (see Tzolkin)

Store - Remembers, Recollects and Realigns from the depths of the Subconscious Soul Memories.

Like Mind, Anaglogue power is White Wizard - Ix - Jaguar.

As at 26th July 2019 we entered the 13 year cycle of White Wizard.

Telektonon - Red Serpent & White Wizard - Maldekian Planetary Pair - 3rd Karmic Dissonant Circuit - Sex Taboo - Internalizing Intelligence. Inherited Karmic Cycle from Lost Time Wars and the Destruction of Maldek.

Planetary Trauma - Karmic Spin Cycle - Get Ready for Rinse

Within the Asteroid Belt are the Shards of Maldek, containing fractalized Lost World Memories of our Solar System Cataclysm.  Galactic Karmic Maldek, Red Serpent, Survives, Instinct, Life-force.  Lost Solar System Memory of Maldek destruction is held in Planetary Trauma Field.

Environmental Emergency on Planet Earth @ 26,000 years ago, Leviathans, Lucifer's Covenant attempted to hijack Stella Activation Cycle on Planet Earth.  Arcturian Alliance & Benevolent Maha-Bhodisvatvas, Remember assisting Earthlings & Maldekians with Leviathan take over @ Planet Earth and Maldek.  Arcturians Rescue Mission stabilized Stella Activation @ Planetary Core, including, securing DNA/RNA Divine Blueprint @ Planetary Core and re-locating  Emerald Templates held in the Planetary Core, for safe-keeping and protections from the Leviathan/Ruling Elite/Petty Tyrants.  (See Ashayana Deane Voyagers series for further detail).

Stella Activation Cycle is still underway, despite Petty Tyrant Interference @ thrive point 26,000 year ago.  Implosion of Planetary Catastrophe and Unified Trauma still availale via Planetary Core & memory of Soul Code Migration from Maldek to Gaia.

Planetary Core Sex Taboo Circut rewired with White Wizard Receptivity, Refines Sexual Instinct, Store Remembers Sex Magic - and harm none is the whole of the lore !

Telepathic Streams of Heart Connection activate Electromagnetic Love & Planetary Unity Field.

Starseeds, Soulmates and Companions of Destiny, connecting via Telepathic Unity Field Seeded by Ancestral Star Beings

The Human Nervous System is an elaborate recording device....recording all events in your soul consciousness and unconscious.

Embracing Snake Medicine

Like the shedding of its skin, this medicine invites us to welcome in new pathways and unhook, untangle, and dissolve old outworn threads and skins connecting us to our former self-delusion, limitation, and amnesia that we are indeed an ancient soul remembering our pathway to our Spiritual and Creative Selves.

The Snake holds duality ( Life, death / Death, rebirth ) in its venom if a dark magician possesses a snake spirit it will be used for evil purposes, such as poisons, if a white shaman possesses a snake spirit it will be used for healing. Ian Scott

GM108X Transmission.

Galactic Transmission of Telepathic Unification

Kin 108 - Yellow Self-Existing Star 15/7/2020 - Day 19 of Cosmic Moon

Psi Crono -  256

Long Count - 11 Akbal

Yellow Star - Lamat

Beautifies, Elegance Art

Harmonic 27 - Self-Existing Store, Remembers Elegance of Form

Arcturus Alliance 

Remembering Benevolent Star Races who assist with Planetary Unification. Gaia is a Living Being and the Arcturians have assisted humanity during numerous forgotten time wars.

According to Tony Shearer, and many other Mayan day keepers, On Kin 55 - Blue Electric Eagle, August 16, 1987, Harmonic Convergence,  we completed the 5th World and on kin 56 Yellow Self-Existing Warrior,  August 17, 1987 we entered the 6th World.

The first world was called 4 Jaguar, the second world 4 Wind, the third world 4 Rain, the forth world 4 Water and the fifth world 4 Movement. Each world consists of 22 x 52year cycles = 1144 years. 1144 x 5 = 5720 years. This 22 cycle, is represented by the sacred numbers 13 and 9,

13 Heavens and 9 Hells.

When Jose and Lloydine Arguelles received this transmission from Tony Shearer, they decided it would be a potent window to re seed the then,  "quarantined" - Global Telepathic Unity. Together they were answering the call of the Mayan and Hopi ancestors,  by bringing together 144,000 Sun Dancers to Dance & celebrate this Sacred passing and marking this point in history. The Original Vision of Planet Art Network was born and Jose & Lloydine Arguelles along with many thousands of people across the planet answered the call, co-creation happened in many sacred ceremonies on this day.

This year, 2020,  marks the 33 rd year since the Harmonic Convergence.

For More information on the birth of Harmonic Convergence see link here.


During our Planetary Quarantine there has been so much of the Smokin Mirrors,

"Behind The Scenes of Elite Power" - Exposed !

When it comes to such evil, there is corruption, where there is corruption, there is confusion, where there is confusion there is deception. Where there is deception there are victims.

Compassion and Disclosure for victims of such horrid inhuman abuse is most certainly necessary for all of humanity to awaken!  It is not up to a few thousand humans on this Planet to carry this truth, in fact, it is time for each human adult to awaken from denial of the hideous crimes being commited against children @ the Elite "Ruling Class" Level. We do this for the betterment of the Next 7 Generations to come.

However, over empathizing with every single horror playing out right now can create depletion. Don Juan would say "the shadow has hooked your attention". In the Tao tradition "over empathy" relates to spleen deficiency and is a signal from your "Shen" your "Spirit" to pull your energy back IN and nourish and restore, so your Spirit can cleanse and operate at optimum.

Mayan Gap Run Woven in with traditional astrology and Old father Time Saturn in Capricorn

Saturn "Two Step" Retrograde In Capricorn, then opposing the Sun, then moving  Direct and forward for his swan song Nov 2020...  And Mars transiting Aries through all this ? I dont think we are out of the woods yet Dorothy, as the Saturn Capricorn Agenda plays "one more song"

Retrograde Saturn in Capricorn - Smoking Mirrors.

A game for power "

popcorn anyone ?

Check mate Capricorn, Saturn moves into Aquarius Dec 17 2020 - Blue Electric Night - Activate your Dreams and Intuition. Blue Night & Yellow Warrior Planetary Pair for Saturn. ! Good bye you ol Devil ! HELLO  higher octave of Saturn in Aquarius!

Solstice Point 21-12-2020 Jupiter, Saturn conjunct - Blue Resonant Hand - I Channel in order to Know, Inspiring HEALING, I seal the Store of Accomplishment with Resonant Tone of Attunement, I am guided by the power of Self-Generation.

Game over for "Shadow of Mars" in Aries - Mars moves into Taurus - Blue Planetary Night - Jan 6th - Produce, Perfect and Manifest - Dreams, Abundance Intuition,

Are you listening to the outside or the inside ?

"Who owns your time owns you mind" - Jose Arguelles.

The hidden occult power of the Red Magnetic Serpent is Yellow Cosmic Warrior 

The Yellow Cosmic Warrior Archetype - The Pathfinder - Endures in order to Question and Transcend Fearlessness.

Interesting Facts

The last time we were in the Red Serpent Wavespell was 25th October 2019.  On this day the Climb across Ulluru, Solar Plexus of Planetary Chakra, was closed.

On the 11th Nov 2019 - Red Galactic Serpent, the first of the Black Summer Fires started here in Australia - Blue Night Bio Region - Saturn.  These fires burnt for 5 months across 3 states killing at least 445 people and resulting in 4000 people in hospital due to exposure.  Sadly more than 800 million animals died.

So it is a powerful juncture we find ourselves in at this time.  As i type here four days after my supposed "deadline" , this little voice inside, says, you're going to be late!....

but ah, is a Wizard ever late?

There seems so much to translate, so many layers, so many questions, i was truly wondering how i would even finish this article, but perhaps this will be the first of many articles on The Red Serpent and Maldek. 

Inlakech and much love to ALL 

Stay Kind

Maya Seven Sun

Article Published

Day 19 Cosmic Turtle Moon

DS - kin 110 - Silio - Heart - Rainbow Bridge Love

LC - 12 Kan

Red Magnetic Dragon Kin 1

Spin Cycle - Return to the Primordial Waters of Birth Nurturance and Being
Enter the Red Castle of Turning

I Unify in order to Nurture
Attracting Being
I seal the Input of Birth
With the magnetic tone of Purpose
I am guided by my own power doubled
I am a galactic activation portal, enter me.

Today March 30th 2020, In the Dreamspell Count we return to the beginning of the Tzolkin kin 1,  Red Magnetic Dragon.  Red Dragon Initiates Birth, Nurture and Be-ing. 

Wavespell cycle of 13 days will be from March 30th - 11th April 2020.

Long Count - 8 kib.

When we look to the Tzolkin, there is exactly 44 days between the Dreamspell/Tun Uc and the Kiche Long Count.

When we add these 2 counts we get Red Solar Earth - kin 217.

Pulsing, Modelling intention, Earth, Synchronisation, Navigation and Signs.

Day 24 of the Solar Jaguar Moon of Intention

Gamma -  3rd Eye 

 "My lineage is the union of intrinsic awareness and the ultimate sphere.

 I attain the power of Peace"

The RED DRAGON Wavespell,  Initiates a whole new cycle a refresh, reset, restart, these birthing and Initiating Frequencies are available to us for the next 13 days. The Galactic Mayan King and "time traveller"  Pakal Votan, left these codices for the future generations inscribed on his tomb, after he had "time travelled"  into our future and saw the karmic dissonance cycle we are currently in.  He left clues and signs for us, etched in stone, so we could Navigate our way out of the Babylonian Swamp of dysfunctional karma inherited to Earth from the Lost Worlds War and the destruction of Maldek. 

The return to the beginning of the Tzolkin is always an exciting time for all Galactic Mayan kin around the world. This is our time to Intiate and Birth new things that have not been done before.   This Wavespell is the ultimate in our Spin and Rinse cycle where we have an opportunity to do some karmic laundry both collectively and individually. 

The Red Dragon represents - BIRTH, NURTURE, BEING -  The Primal Cauldron of Mystery and the The primal waters of creation, The womb of our Divine Mother - Gaia who has birthed us all into creation at this time. 

At this time,  we are given a great opportunity to release the "human doing" and dive deep into the primal waters of creation and reclaim our divine birthright, embracing our right to BE human. How would we spend our time if we did not have to go to work to earn a living ? What is our highest passion we would like to initiate on this Journey ? If we could achieve the impossible dream for humanity or ourselves, what would this dream look like ? The questions and dreams  relating to our personal and collective emancipation are infinite and whilst our planet is on quarantine lockdown we can see and harness the current opportunity to tune into our Soul Remembrance of who we really are and why we are here at this time.

The Red Dragon is connected to the planet Neptune and with the current Neptune transit in Pisces - these frequencies unravel the mysterious truths of our Soul Memory, dreams and our conscious and unconscious connection to the crystalline matrix of Planet Earth.

These Neptunian Frequencies invite us to drop deep into our Inner Self and address our Core Wounding both as a collective and as individuals.  To release, transmute the past and heal.   Yes it is so much easier to distract ourselves from this deep inner work by binging on Netflix or just taking one last scroll through our social media, but in order to gain Emotional Intelligence we must Reconnect with our Inner Being, our Spirit, which is far superior to any Artificial Intelligence. The AI does not have a soul, the AI does not have a heart. This we must remember as many become hypnotised by the glamour of the current AI distraction. 

This is a Mass Awakening at this time,  and it will be up to each and every one of us to decide on what our future looks like.  Unfortunately there are multiple time lines operating some positive and some negative, this is what is occurring at a planetary level as we pass through the galactic core, Milky Way and evolve at a Planetary level from 3D to 4D.  There are higher dimensions yes, but our Planetary Collective is currently passing through the duality of the 4D which is plagued with astral parasites and shadow agendas connected to the dysfunctional Matrix Programming. Our unprocessed emotions of guilt, shame, grief, anger, from this life or in one of our past lives are the "Loosh"  the food for the astral parasites.  So from a higher prospective we are encouraged to heal and transmute and embrace the current planetary quarantine as an opportunity to heal and expand into and receive the luminous photon streams currently entering our planet via the Sun and the benevolent frequencies being transmitted from the Inner Earth. 

By Reclaiming our  5 senses

Touch, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Sight, We activate our sensual telepathic nature beyond your flat plasma screen. We can reclaim what it is to be human in natural time, in natural order,  in harmony with our blessed planet and all the animals who live upon her divine landscape. 

The projection of Fear and panic subjects us to Infection.  As it effects the cortisol level in our body, our fright or flight response. 

The Antipode of Fear is Fearlessness

Reclaiming your Sovereign Crown - Corona

Protect your Essence

The Crown, the Corona is the seat of our Higher Self the house of your Spirit.  The Sahaswara, The Crown Chakra is  the centre which receives and transmits the light/plasma of the great central Sun Kinich Ahau. There has never been a more auspicious time to adjust our Crown and claim our Sovereignty to be here in Natural Time and Natural Order.

The Crown Chakra - Corona - Luminous halo from the Sun,  13 Ahau - Yellow Cosmic Sun,  is the Direct Occult Power of this Wavespell. This frequency of kin 260 is the Master Co-ordinating Frequency that represents EVERYONE - (All beings currently incarnated on this planet at this time). 

Kin 260 is the hidden unexpected aspect of this 13 day cycle, and  the coming days upon planet Earth, may seem unexpectedly enduring, pushing us further upon our path of Enlightenment.  So as we endure these frequencies of diving deep into our Collective and Individual core wounding, the Cosmic tone -  13,  reminds us that, as we may Endure Unexpected External Circumstances,  the true key is to Transcend and to recognise the power of your Presence, and your Spirit,  for you matter, you are unique and your presence has a part to play in this current Planetary Pandemonium, as we become conscious to the Awakening and the Dimensional Shifting currently in process.

Electricity is our birthright and free energy source, energy comes from the Sun.

Consciousness is the spark of Electricity, Frequency and Energy.

Universal Fire is the One Fire of Unified Consciousness and the Star Seed from where we have come from.

A New dawn is here, which pill do we take the red pill or the blue pill ?  

Embody the rays of the Sun and anchor your Divinity. Release the tallons, hooks and threads of the old,  for the past is the undertow and represents the shadow of Saturn  that will try to pull us into the sea of oppression control and fear. 

Ride the wave of Fearless Consciousness and enter the Red Castle of Turning. For Saturn is turning and rising like the Phoenix via the water bearer Aquarius.  Unshackle your shadow in the name of truth and universal unity consciousness.  Uplift  your frequency so your self love shines as bright as the New Sun and Fly like the Phoenix towards the light and our New World. We are crossing over the threshold - releasing and ending a time of oppression and slavery that has captured our Soul Linage of Eons. Do not look outside for the light, for it is within you. Inside YOU is the beacon of Paradise Remembered.

inlakech my friends 

Enjoy your journey. 

Please reach out and connect if this resonates. 

I have some amazing meditations and ancestral healing exercises I share in my healing sessions. More workshops coming. 

If you wish to book in for a session please contact me 

@ weavingthedream@protonmail.com.

Protect your Essence from the current Shadow Agenda being played out. The Shadow is not your Essence. Our Soul Dream is calling us to remember we are the greatest bio-computer, memory retrieval system. Peace xx

Galactic Switchboard @ BlueStar Temple Maya Seven Sun Artist All rights reserved
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